i'm jenn. i drink copious amounts of tea, i think too much, speak too little, and read too often.

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30 days of lists; day 13: DIYs i want to try

  • i always wanna try cutting my clothes but i’m scared i’ll ruin them :P
  • lots of food things
  • certain bracelets and shit
  • idk really i used to be really into DIYs but now i’m like meh

30 days of lists; day 12: weekly rituals

  • i have daily rituals idk can i do those
  • uhm cleaning my room
  • organizing my bookshelf
  • going to tim hortons for bagels and coffee with my friend
  • organize my school shit
  • clean my bedsheets
  • do laundry (well that’s like twice a week usually but meh)
  • shower (ok that was a joke that’s daily i promise)
  • ya idk that’s all

30 days of lists; day 11: date night ideas

  • a classic dinner date at a nice restaurant
  • picnic!
  • a walk outside in the middle of winter when it’s dark
  • NOT MOVIE DATES. i hate movie dates.
  • at a cafe or something to talk about like books and music
  • concert!

30 days of lists; day 10: on my wishlist

  • doc martens!!
  • maoams LMAO
  • mac laptop
  • new keyboard
  • books
  • just some clothes
  • harry potter movies
  • harry potter #7 since it’s the only one i don’t own :/

30 days of lists; day 9: favourite websites and blogs

  • tumblr
  • 8tracks
  • these
  • google
  • dayzeroproject
  • uhmm idk i don’t go on much else honestly.¬†

30 days of lists; day 8: in my bag

  • wallet
  • tape
  • pen
  • pad of paper
  • paper that says stuff like ‘you are beautiful” or whatever for the you are beautiful project
  • a sharpie
  • my kobo (e-reader)
  • ipod
  • i think that’s it idk i can never find stuff to put in it
  • oh and womanly things ofc

30 days of lists; day 7: blog goals

  • have a pritty blawg
  • get more followers i guess
  • uhm i don’t really have any
  • i like my blog how it is
  • i’m so boring
  • this list sucks
  • sigh

30 days of lists; day 6: least favourite words

  • moist
  • awkward
  • yolo
  • emo
  • erect
  • masticate
  • discharge

30 days of lists; day 5: weekend goals

  • sleep
  • eat
  • pee
  • play on the computer
  • get dressed (maybe)
  • shower¬†
  • repeat

30 days of lists; day 4: today’s playlist

  • heartbeats; the knife
  • two doors down; mystery jets
  • junk of the heart; the kooks
  • new theory; washed out
  • england; the national
  • the general specific; band of horses
  • the high road; broken bells
  • no cars go; arcade fire
  • lover of the light; mumford and sons
  • post-war blues; dan mangan
  • reunion; m83
  • bambi; tokyo police club