i'm jenn. i drink copious amounts of tea, i think too much, speak too little, and read too often.



applications for thevintage-network are now open!

we will be choosing 2 blogs to be a part of our network! please follow the rules or you won’t be accepted!

the first two follow me! i’ll tag them. i wish michelle followed me too :P

who do you wish followed you?

LOL aw this is adorable, i wanna publish this haha. look absent1a!

absent1a replied to your post: someone should start a network with me.

i would :-) x

 ok :D let’s do it. message me?

ok anon i still can’t post them, but here:

My Tumblr Crushes:

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  2. nonamesareleft (4%)
  3. ohmyfreakingobama (3%)
  4. absent1a (2%)
  5. r0mance-is (2%)
  6. unusualnonsense (2%)
  7. m4tchstick (2%)
  8. plu-tonium (2%)
  9. dizzymiss (2%)